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Weekly Alert -- July 29, 2014

News this week on UCLASS, K-MAX, Air Force "mishap" numbers and more. Read the Alert

Latest News

Air Force: 96 Predator And Reaper Combat Mishaps Since 2001

As lawmakers and Pentagon officials debate whether the overseas contingency operations budget is being used as a "slush fund," Air Force mishap numbers appear to support the service's request to buy 12 MQ-9 Reapers using wartime funds.

Marines Continue To Develop Cargo UAS Requirements After K-MAX Deployment

The Marine Corps is developing requirements for a future cargo unmanned aerial system platform following the deployment of the K-MAX system in Afghanistan, according to a Navy official.

Army Successfully Tests NERO Aboard Gray Eagle UAS

The Army successfully tested a new communications jammer on an unmanned aerial vehicle last month as part of the service's efforts to develop the next generation of electronic warfare capabilities.

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